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Worship At The Feet Of Your Mission

My dad made a statement to me a couple of months ago, “I don’t know how you mentally keep up with wha
Worship At The Feet Of Your Mission
By Christien Louviere • Issue #2 • View online
My dad made a statement to me a couple of months ago, “I don’t know how you mentally keep up with what you do, your health, your sleep and all of that.”
He’s referring to the constant state of “rollercoaster” that I’ve been under running my own business or working under someone else’s to fill in the gaps. He’s asked me this question many times in various ways.
I’m always a little taken aback when he asks me because he operated 2 successful businesses during his heyday. I always want to respond, “For the same reasons that you did.”
But those reasons are not the same.
In general there are 2 types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Someone who is forced into entrepreneurship because of their life conditions and literally have to start some sort of money-making enterprise to survive. Ex. a sharecropper in the midwest has to keep his farm running to support his family versus a franchisor buying his first Taco Bell.
  2. Someone who is driven by a mission that it’s all they can think about. The details of how they accomplish that mission are not the goal. They’re just obstacles on the way to achieving that mission.

My dad became an entrepreneur because he had to do so. Less than 12 months graduated from college, he woke up in a hotel to find that his dad had died of a cardiac arrest. Fast-forward a few weeks and my dad now runs a failing business and is the head of the household for his mom and 4 underage siblings. My dad’s mission was very clear to him: make money and survive.

Since moving to Atlanta (2006), my life has been a rollercoaster for a variety for reasons, but I’ve stayed true to my personal mission.

My personal mission: Build a sustainable business with a global network that allows me to be a resource for people that need help and spend as much time with my family (however that is defined) and people that give a damn.

That personal mission is how I sleep at night and wakeup each day. Yes, sometimes it needs to be induced with outside remedies, but the mission keeps me even when I get wins and the mission keeps me alive when I get really fucking low.

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