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How Atlanta Sales Teams Can Crush Their Quotas

Companies in the Atlanta tech scene have raised over $100 million in the past 3 months. Even companie
How Atlanta Sales Teams Can Crush Their Quotas
By Christien Louviere • Issue #5 • View online
Companies in the Atlanta tech scene have raised over $100 million in the past 3 months. Even companies with headquarters outside of Atlanta are using their recently raised VC funds to build offices in Atlanta. When large sums of VC money are seemingly falling from the sky, it’s easy to think that you are impervious to failure.
As far as you (the sales professional) are concerned, the only thing that your leadership has done is extend the time frame of which you can prove that your company can provide value to the economic buyer.
Yes, you have a quota to hit, but your economic buyer doesn’t give a shit about your quota. They care about either becoming rockstars at their company or simply checking  a box off of their list so that they can get through their day…or both.
In short, they care about the value that you can drive for them to help accomplish their goals. And as an extra challenge, if you catch them at the wrong time in their buying cycles for whatever reason, you can’t force that. Don’t waste time trying to sell the unsellable.
So how do you wake up each morning focused on the process of providing value rather than hitting your number?
I’ve been there before many times. My company just raised a war chest full of cash, and I knew they did it anchored on the backs of the sales pipeline numbers that I (and the rest of the sales team) had been reporting. I also knew that as soon as the feeling of relief from the funding event was exhausted, it was time to for the sales team to make sure we stay true to the promises made by the leadership team to our investors.
When your job is to go out there every day providing value for buyers, then you have to have the attitude like a marketer not a sales person. That means you have confidence in the value that the product which you are selling can drive. In order to gain that confidence, you need to acquire a lot of “at-bats” pitching your product. In order to do that, you have to make a lot of quality contacts.
It sounds like a daunting task to do this daily but if you follow a simple process each day, then your actions will begin have a domino effect.
Your pipeline will grow thus your opportunities will grow thus your sales will grow.
Answer these 3 questions each day and then get to work.
  1. “Where (which media channels are they in) can I hunt for champions, implementers or decision makers?” Once you’ve found them ask,
  2. “How (written/audible/visual) can I engage with each one of them personally at scale?” And finally,
  3. “What is the creative consultative sales conversation that I need to have with each of them?” In other words, do you understand what they’re trying to accomplish in the bigger picture and how does your solution add value to that?
When your mission each day is on providing value to the right audience, you become a trusted sales consultant rather than “another pesky sales person” and you will crush your sales quota.

Book Recommendation: One Trick Ponies Get Shot
This is a book I revisit a few times per month. It teaches you how to be seen as a trusted advisor by your client as opposed to simply a vendor. If you’re looking to up your consultative sales game, then this is a must-read from a 25+ year veteran.
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With that, geaux get after it!
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