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Growth Gumbo #7

Innovative ideas to improve your life & work
Growth Gumbo #7
By Christien Louviere • Issue #7 • View online
Innovative ideas to improve your life & work

Growth Numbers
$150 - “I left St. Louis with $150 in my pocket and a wallet full of dangerously overdrawn credit cards. I drove out from St. Louis over the course of four or five days (staying on friends’ couches in various western states, as well as on the side of the road in Carlin, Nevada) in a 1986 Toyota Corolla that would regularly blow a radiator-fan fuse and overheat.” - Jon Hamm, ONE37pm
$170 - “I just counted it. $170. Years ago, it felt like so much more.
Back then, it felt like we were living off Cafe Rio, because we had previously eaten there so many times and earned free meals.” - Brandon Rodman, LinkedIn
$174,000 - How much of his savings he used to start his investment firm 40 years ago, which is now worth over $83 Billion - Warren Buffet, CBInsights
How You Personally Lose $82 Per Day
Do you know that you’re losing about $82 per day because you’re lost in your inbox wasting time? Time…a resource that you can’t get back. (1 minute)
59% Of Executives Want Video Not Text
Digital natives entering the workforce (and taking on managerial positions) are fundamentally changing how we buy in the enterprise. According to a recent article published by Harvard Business Review, contacting a salesperson now occurs later in the typical purchase process, and sometimes not at all. And CDO Trends notes that 75 percent of B2B purchases today involve limited interaction with salespeople. Inc. (3 minutes)
Mistakes Made When Hiring Sales Professionals
If you are not making consistent sales right now, then hiring a salesperson is most likely not going to fix that. Yet this is the mental trap that nearly every entrepreneur I speak with falls into. Especially the ones who would say, “I’m not good at sales.” There are several reasons that this is the case. Jake does a great job of explaining why you need a sales system built for sales people. Jake Jorgovan (7 minutes)
Fresh Picked Growth Book
I’ve listened to The Obstacle Is The Way so many times in my car that I thought I owned the book. It wasn’t until I went to look up a passage this week on my Kindle version that I realized that I didn’t actually own the book. I do now. Ryan Holiday does an epic job of modernizing ancient philosophies for us laypeople. It’s on sale right now for $1.99. Amazon
Fresh Picked Growth App
One problem I’ve always had with ToDo lists are keeping track of the activities that are recurring. I remember to do 1-off things like “followup with a prospect” because it’s different, and I’ll write it down. I struggle with recurring activities because if something in life happens that knocks me off of my path then I might forget to “write 2oo words” or “send 5 cold outreach emails,” each of which I do everyday. I have fallen in love with the Streaks app. It allows me to create recurring tasks that force me to physically mark when I’ve completed it for the day. It’s pretty cool to look down at my phone to see how many days in a row that I wrote 200 words. Streaks
About Growth Gumbo
A weekly briefing on innovative ideas that can help improve your life & work by Christien Louviere - Managing Partner of SellPersonal. Photo by: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette
Need Help Innovating?
For as long as I can remember, the only thing I love doing more than playing sports is building innovative ideas with technology. People often ask me how we can work together. I structure my engagements in three ways.
  1. Innovation Strategy - Do you have a business problem that you can’t solve or don’t have time to solve? Bring me on to get a fresh set of eyes on a business problem that you have.
  2. Innovation Coaching or Consulting - Once I build the strategy, you have the option of hiring me as a coach or a consultant. Coach: I will coach you on the execution of the strategy. Consultant: I will build the team and lead the execution for you.
  3. Sales Training - Do you have a sales pipeline problem? It’s likely because your sales process stagnant or non-existent. We have a sales training program that is designed to increase your sales pipeline immediately.
If you think you’d be a good fit for us, let’s jump on a call to see. Click here to schedule a call.
The reason it bothers you that people don’t like you is that you’re not sure you like yourself. Earn some self-respect and watch how quickly you stop giving a shit what other people think. -Tom Bilyeu
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